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Taffeta Darling featured in the Big Trouble in Little China comic book #16.





The Taffeta Darling is an internationally published pin-up model, podcaster, cosplayer, and Twitch affiliate that has been Texas' pop culture herald for almost two decades.

   Taff is a professional comics art and memorabilia cataloger by day.

She created her brand "Fangirl in Dallas" which allows her to spend nights talking pop culture with a great Twitch streaming community while interviewing icons from all corners of the geeky fandoms.

Considered an advisor to much of the pop-culture community, she has been a welcomed guest, panelist, and moderator from Denver to New York City, and has even leant her likeness to BOOM STUDIOS Comics, SFX artists for Troublemaker Studios and the live drawing Dr. Sketchy's drawing groups. 

  Before going solo, Taffeta contributed to numerous pop culture sites including Geeks Have Game,  Attack of the Show, The Non-Productive Network, Ain't it Cool News,  Forces of Geek,  Aggressive Comix, and more.

In 2018 Taffeta fulfilled a lifelong dream of writing a comic book featuring her cat Houdini and herself titled the "The Mysterious Space Adventures of The Daring Darling: Private Dick" which was a fully funded Kickstarter.

   When Taffeta is not working closely with the geek community she enjoys lounging around in her PJs with her cat Glorfindel, and playing indie console games.

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